The Cookbook Pantry

Episode 7: Baking with Dorie + #getcookingcookbookclub and Amy Guittard

February 18, 2022 Monique Season 2 Episode 7
The Cookbook Pantry
Episode 7: Baking with Dorie + #getcookingcookbookclub and Amy Guittard
Show Notes

In this special Valentine's day episode, Monique chats with friends & #getcookingcookbookclu b cookbook club hosts Bebe and Steph. You'll hear all about their adventure baking along with Dorie and learn more about the adventurous world of Instagram cookbook clubs.

Next, Monique interviews Amy Guittard, head of marketing at Guittard Chocolate Company and a fifth generation chocolate maker. Amy shares her passion for cocoa and chocolate nestled in between stories from growing up in a chocolate family.  It's a treat for everyone!

About the Baking Bundle:

This bundle includes a book signed by Dorie, along with an assortment of ingredients to help you explore the book and adopt Dorie's playful spirit (Star-shaped sprinkles! Cookie spread!) 

Contents include:

  • Signed copy of the Baking with Dorie cookbook
  • Guittard Vanilla A'Peels White Chocolate wafers
  • Alchemist's Raspberry Cardamom Rosehip Jam
  • Supernatural Dye-Free Rainbow Starfetti Sprinkles
  • Lotus Biscoff Cookie Spread
  • Maine Grains Rye Flour (not pictured)
  • Double-Boiler insert

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